ART TODAY 021218 TribeLA Magazine celebrates Black History Month! If you have seen these U.S. Postage stamps, Synthia SAINT JAMES is the artist


Synthia SAINT JAMES’ USPS stamp designs include the first Kwanzaa Commemorative Stamp in 1997 (a total of 318 million stamps was printed using her first design), and the new 2016 Forever Kwanzaa Stamp celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Kwanzaa holiday.

Editor’s Note: Kwanzaa is not a religious holiday. It is celebrated by African Americans each year from December 26 to January 1 recognizing seven important principles, and culminating in an edible feast and gift giving. It was first celebrated during the civil rights movement in 1966 and it celebrates African heritage, unity and culture, created by Dr. Maulana Karenga, scholar, professor and chairman of black studies at California State University, Long Beach.

Kwanzaa originated from the Swahili phrase malinda ya kwanza, which means first fruits of the harvest. The weeklong celebration, from December 26 through January 1, uses seven candles in a candelabra symbolizing the seven principles of Kwanzaa below:

To find out more about Kwanzaa, visit the official website at:

This article originally published 11.22.2017 at TribeLA Magazine

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ART TODAY: 11.19.17 The Fascinating world of artist Synthia SAINT JAMES begins with her 10th commission for Historical Black Colleges & Universities, unveiled last Friday + Acrostic Q&A starts today!

ART TODAY 11.22.17 From the Haitian Series by Synthia SAINT JAMES + numerous commissioned projects including the Forever Kwanzaa postage stamp

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