Nude with Pink Skirt

Painting for Jennifer is a mysterious process. A figurative painter, she loves the paint itself. The application of the loaded brush has a sensuousness that has developed into her personal language, yet she still feels like a bystander to this internal world that seems to drive itself thru her unconscious mind.

Jennifer Pochinski was an artist in The Pink Show at Castelli Art Space that was inspired and co-curated by TribeLA Magazine’s “Artist to Watch in 2018,” William Wray along with Carlos Iglesias. This avant-garde exhibit illustrated diversity in the art world with over 30 artists participating.

The figure is the central focus in my work. I have always worked from observation. I recently came across a self portrait I did right after college. I do not even remember painting it. But It reminded me of all explorations, the attempts…the progress achieved only incrementally, laterally. Scraping off and painting over works has been a normal part of my studio activities — so much frustration. I could never arrive at a specific method. Since moving to California seven years ago, I realized this struggle with ambiguous starting points and stopping points is painting.

Visit Jennifer at and on instagram @jenniferpochinski

ART TODAY 11.26.17 Start the buzz… The Pink pop-up Show is this weekend: over 30 diverse artists – unpredictable and remarkable at Castelli Art Space, LA

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