Buoy’s exclusive canine Interview with Miss Annie from the Davis MacDonald mystery novels


Annie Macdonald

Annie MacDonald is the beautiful Golden Retriever canine heroine in the Davis Macdonald mystery book series featuring “The Judge.”


Buoy Durkin

Buoy Lewis Durkin is our canine content contributor here at TribeLA Magazine. In addition to interviewing his fellow canines, he enjoys hiding his special toys and bones, swimming at the family lake house, being told how handsome he is, and playing with his friends (a white labrador named Dewey and a Shih-Tzu named Nellie, to name a few). He resides in La Canada with his family, including fellow TLA content contributor, Natalie Durkin.

Part 1

Buoy: Miss Annie, us canines love to hide things in our special places to enjoy at our leisure. I hide things from my family all the time. What is your strategy when it comes to stealing and hiding socks, bones, or your favorite toy? Can you recommend the best tactics?

Miss Annie: Well Buoy, I prefer to store my collection under the deck of our boat so it doesn’t get wet and lose its fragrance from the vicissitudes of weather.

I specialize in socks and underwear, and have an extensive collection. This is an art form, unappreciated by humans with their short noses. They miss so much in life because they weren’t given proper smelling equipment.

My favorite items are easily snared from the floor where dropped. The key is to make them disappear so they aren’t missed. Considerably more tricky and takes careful misdirection on my part. I am very good at misdirecting because humans have a limited attention span and can be easily distracted. They aren’t single-purpose focused like us Quadrupeds.

Buoy: You’re absolutely right Miss Annie and we will continue this conversation tomorrow as I have some items to snatch and hide right now as we board our boat, “The Katherine.” Meanwhile, I would like to share your cameo appearances this week with our audience.

Davis MacDonald’s first book, The Hill, is far from autobiographical but, as Davis told me, it does possess a great deal of himself in the characters and the story. “A lot of Davis’ life is woven into the Judge in this novel. The murder mystery revolves around the duties of a teacher to a young student, how much must true love risk in the face of deadly adversity, and of course, a May-December love story.”

Annie the Dog Excerpts from “THE HILL”

The Hill by Davis MacDonaldHe walked a golden retriever, perhaps a year old, big, clearly untrained, and still a puppy in spirit and energy despite her bulk. The puppy, as he thought of her, despite her size, Annie by name, seemed determined to go in all directions except the one The Judge wanted.

The puppy was recently acquired. An experiment. The Judge was already having second thoughts. Annie was to be his new companion. A fellow spirit to balance out what had become a too solitary life.

So far she had mostly been a pain in the ass. She strained at the leash every 30 seconds or so, testing his resolve to stay on the road. At 60 pounds she could give a good tug, although hardly a match for his 200 pounds. She wanted to romp the bushes alongside. He supposed the bushes held better smells. Allied with the asphalt, he couldn’t compete.

Miss Annie the author

As he bent over the leash slipped from his grasp. Annie scooted off in a flash, plowing into the brush alongside the bluff.

Muttering under his breath, the Judge gamely waded into dry foxtails after her.

She thought it was “Catch Annie, if you can”, a wonderful game to her pea-sized brain. She dodged away from his reach, waving her tail like a flagman, dashing further into the rough, toward the bluff edge, daring him to catch her.

The Judge waded after. He could feel the burrs in his socks and smell the dry dust they’d kicked up, mixed with the salty aroma from the crashing surf 40 feet below. He was almost to Annie now. He was concerned she might scamper over the edge in her excitement.

But she had stopped at cliff edge and was seriously nosing something in the scrub. His eyes caught the flash of baby blue as the dry grass parted around her legs. He slowed his pace and gingerly picked his way closer to the cliff and the puppy.

Links to parts 2 and 3 of Annie the dog interview with Buoy Durkin: 



Davis MacDonald’s website: http://davismacdonald-author.com

Davis MacDonald, aka Don Davis

Davis MacDonald

Davis MacDonald grew up in Southern California and writes of places about which he has intimate knowledge. A member of the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors, (NAIWE), his career has spanned Law Professor, Bar Association Chair, Investment Banker and Lawyer. He currently provides legal representation to clients throughout the United States and Offshore. Many of the colorful characters in his novels are drawn from his personal experience.

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