View the book trailer of author Davis MacDonald here: He knows mystery, knows the California terrain, and knows how to construct a tale of sizzling plots, red-herrings, and ingenious character


Meet Davis MacDonald Los Angeles! Our featured author, husband, dad, grandad, and securities lawyer. He knows what his protagonist (the Judge) is thinking at all times.

(Meet Annie too)

Over the next week, we will explore four novels written by Davis MacDonald, aka Don Davis (The Hill, The Island, Silicon Beach, and The Bay including a preview of Cabo). We have obtained an exclusive interview and will feature excerpts from his novels. You don’t want to miss this!

The Bay, released this year, touches on another social issue currently predominate in our world; extremist Muslims who are out to destroy this country, its institutions and people, by active violence, or by stealth. “It’s unfortunate, but those of the Muslim faith who are not extremists are often negatively profiled by the police, the press, their neighbors, and the public, all because of the activities of a handful of Muslims on a destructive path,” says Davis. The Judge presides over this tale of murder which takes place in Newport Beach and California’s famed Orange Coast, tracking a plot aimed at destroying Orange County forever.

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