Part 2 of Canine interview: Buoy’s exclusive with Miss Annie and book excerpt from the Davis MacDonald mystery novel “The Hill”


Annie Macdonald

Annie A favorite character among readers and based on the author’s own golden lab, Annie is the Judge’s dog with the tendency to jump on, chew, and attempt to eat anything and everything she comes across. As regular companion on the Judge’s adventures (and occasional debauchery) Annie has her own nose for trouble and mischief that she puts to good use, with the occasional somber and accusatory glance at her owner when the Judge attempts to rein in her good fun. For all that, Annie loves the Judge dearly, and not just because he fills up her food bowl every day. Always trying to help (sometimes a little too much), she’ll leave love marks with her muddy paws on the Judge at every opportunity.

Buoy Durkin

Buoy Lewis Durkin is our canine content contributor here at TribeLA Magazine. In addition to interviewing his fellow canines, he enjoys hiding his special toys and bones, swimming at the family lake house, being told how handsome he is, and playing with his friends (a white labrador named Dewey and a Shih-Tzu named Nellie, to name a few). He resides in La Canada with his family, including fellow TLA content contributor, Natalie Durkin.

Part 2

Buoy: How can you tell when the Judge is upset and what do you do to turn his frown upside down?

Miss Annie: Sometimes the Judge does get quite morose. It’s something to do with his Welsh roots. I find it useful to come and sit on his foot. This way it’s difficult for him to ignore me, and he can’t really get up and walk away. He usually gives in and starts to stroke my head. That’s when I know I’ve got him.

Then I apply some puppy antics, tail wags, butt wags, give him my big brown eye look, and he usually snaps out of it and smiles at me. It’s a wonderful thing when your master smiles at you.

Select excerpt from “THE HILL”

The puppy was rapidly becoming a dog, and a show dog at that. She went through periods of chubbiness followed by growth spurts which left her long and lean. Her soft brown eyes viewed the god with whom she resided with affection and puzzlement. There was no telling what he was going to impose on her next. Life was generally uncertain and complex, since her tools of communication were limited and her memory wasn’t the best.

At some level she seemed to understand she had been cheated of alpha status by a lack of opposable thumbs, but she did the best she could, holding her food and toys down with her paws, using them to pounce, to steal away toys and to leave muddy paw prints of affection up and down the legs of her alpha master.

Her coat was a mixture of long soft caramel and white fur, including an endless surplus to fall out and drift along the floors of the house to its corners. Her muzzle had that boxy profile, with a large wet black nose at the end serving as a sort of combined flash light and vacuum cleaner, sniffing along the ground and lower surfaces for food and scents. Her tail was more like a brush, extending out in a thick trunk with a heavy fringe of feather-like fur, and in constant motion, telegraphing her moods: mostly happy, sometimes bored, occasionally anxious that the Judge was leaving or that she had somehow displeased.

Lately she had developed a sock fetish for no particular reason. She had a comfortable collection of used stocks, all singles, hidden under the sofa in the kitchen. She guarded these with fierce exuberance.

She loved to slip her leash and run off through the parklands and rough surrounding the house, but always with an eye on her master. She hoped he would come play Catch Me, a game at which she excelled. But at the least hint that he was turning away to leave she would bound back in panic, certain she was being abandoned.

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Davis MacDonald’s website:

Davis MacDonald, aka Don Davis

Davis MacDonald

Davis MacDonald grew up in Southern California and writes of places about which he has intimate knowledge. A member of the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors, (NAIWE), his career has spanned Law Professor, Bar Association Chair, Investment Banker and Lawyer. He currently provides legal representation to clients throughout the United States and Offshore. Many of the colorful characters in his novels are drawn from his personal experience.

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