Let’s start with the artist who’s art graces U.S. Postage Stamps

Synthia SAINT JAMES tells a story of history in the making. The message comes across through the tailored artistry of her colorful life’s palette from which she lives and breathes. After two U.S. postage stamp commissions and her work with UNCF (United Negro College fund) and International work with HBC’s (historical black colleges), her social practices bursts with vibrancy and storytelling.

Editor-in-Chief Janice Bremec Blum seeks to learn about the culture of fine art. So what does she do?

She snagged an exclusive interview with art analyst Peter Frank to first find out what makes an art critic. Now, a relationship is blossoming into a podcast series that will educate, inspire, and exemplify the mediums expressive potential. Look for the podcast Summer 2020.

Visit our online art gallery for a multidimensional view of LA Art Show and FRIEZE, where a variety of creativity coexist from amazing artists.


The LA Art show attracts an elite roster of national and international galleries, acclaimed artists, highly regarded curators, architects, design professionals, along with discerning collectors.

The success of Frieze L.A. in year two of its debut is a true indication of the art market and where it’s headed. The fair attracted 35,000 visitors during its four days at Paramount Pictures Studios, which featured 75 local and international galleries. We saw the likes of LL Cool J and Jennifer Lopez cruising around viewing art with the rest of us.

Our goal is to round up L.A.’s cultural voices and create an artistic dialogue that will stand as a beacon of delight to stimulate, encourage, and edify.

“Art is not for everyone, it’s for anyone,” Christopher Knight



Myster Novelist Don Davis is at it again. Check out his latest tome, “The Lake.”

Don Davis has very bold themes and his novels deal with social issues that are timely and relevant today. The protagonist is the Judge. Don (who is a former judge himself) has a career that spans from being #1 in his class at USC law school, Law Professor, Bar Association Chair, Investment Banker and Securities Attorney. His novels are as intense as John Grisham and Don freely admits, “These personalities I write about are real people I know.  These are the characters I’ve met along the path of this interesting life.” Check out the trailer at this link and review the excerpt. It will make you want to go out and buy Silicon Beach and read more of Don’s books.
Here we will feature an excerpt from the Silicon Beach novel and release a podcast of Davis’ first mystery, “The Hill” (Palos Verdes).

Sounds and the City emphasizes Los Angeles musicians and comics.

We are dedicated to Los Angeles artists. We give a platform to both native and new dwellers with the occasional spotlight on visitors from around the world. Sounds and the City revs up funky beats with pop, jazz, comedy, and podcasts. Welcome to the new TribeLa Magazine experience. – Natalie Durkin

Natalie Durkin’s Sounds and the City Podcast coming soon


Meet Seth Cripe the Napa Valley vintner at LOLA Wines


Seth visits Los Angeles often and maintained an apartment at Venice Beach for a few years. He sat down with Venice’s wine afficianado Frank Lutz for a heart-to-heart converstion about grapes and wine. Watch the video at this link and enjoy reading the full article on LOLA Wines at this link.

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